The Next Generation Fantasy Sports Platform

Stryking Entertainment specializes in sports fan engagement and monetization by combining the real and virtual world to create genuine interaction opportunities for fans, stars and brands. Founded 2012 in Berlin, Stryking Entertainment develops and operates the innovative platform Football-Stars, a thrilling and diversified gaming experience on web and mobile to soccer fans in Europe.

Through Stryking’s new fantasy football (soccer) platform, users compete against each other in numerous challenges while proving their expertise and instincts to everybody else. With its outstanding meta-game the Daily Fantasy platform entertains user in the long run. No matter if users loose or win a challenge, they will earn experience and level up in the leveling system. Additionally, they can also unlock cool achievements which they can gather and which provide cool features like new user titles, additional profile pictures or in-game currency.

The unique free-to-play monetization and retention model makes Football-Stars a rising star in the Daily Fantasy Sports universe. By fulfilling different activities like winning the daily free challenge, inviting friends or unlocking achievements players can receive the in-game currency “Coins”. With this currency they can participate in paid challenges where they can not only win more Coins but also receive the second in-game currency “Stars”. This valuable currency can be exchanged for real-life fan merchandise and other attractive gadgets through the in-game shop. The free-to-play setup gives Football-Stars a great USP which allows a worldwide roll-out without legal restrictions.

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Free-to-play online and mobile games have developed into an interactive digital mass media.

Millions of people play on PCs, tablets and smartphones every day.

We are specialists in marketing and monetisation to ensure that good games also become commercially successful.


Existing fan groups become online communities.

Sport, music and car fans become users in the digital experience worlds around free-to-play games.

We combine the real and virtual world and create a shared interaction platform for fans, stars and brands.


Games offer brands the opportunity to target and interact with their clients and to position themselves in attractive environments. A credible integration in the game world provides authenticity and will be perceived positively by the player.

We know the games and we know the gamers; our expertise lies in our ability to create effective partnerships with brands.


Free-to-play games have integrated shops where players can buy a range of virtual goods to enhance their gameplay enjoyment.

We develop this further and use our new technology to offer advanced shop functionalities that generate new revenue streams from online and mobile games.