More thrilling than mere management games, more challenging than sports bets –  Football-Stars is putting football fans in the virtual coach’s seat!

Divided into two fully functional modes – Challenge-Mode and Manager-Mode – Football-Stars offers whatever football fan hearts desire. While the Challenge-Mode lets users face new challenges with their self-assembled teams on a daily basis, Manager-Mode users manage their individual teams to fight for the title over the course of an entire season. Both modes are based on the football players’ real-life performance data, which are being tracked through our data provider, “Opta”.

Football-Stars is completely free and currently playable via browser under as well as via app for iOS (Challenge-Mode and Manager-Mode) and Android (Challenge-Mode and Manager-Mode).

 Key Features

  • Manager Mode with original pictures of all Bundesliga players
  • An auction-based transfer system increases interactivity and thrill during the bidding process
  • Exciting challenges in Europe’s top 5 leagues plus the Champions League on a daily basis
  • Extended shop functionalities allow for the sale of virtual and real fan merchandise

We are looking for:

  • Partners, who want to give the Daily Fantasy Sports segment a go
  • Football communities for exciting cooperations
  • Brands wanting to be shown around football fans


Founder & CEO

Dirk Weyel

+49 30 – 609 85 83 – 70

  • Football-Stars – The Challenges: Exciting challenges featuring Europe's top 5 leagues can be played on a daily basis.
  • Football-Stars – The Challenges: User have to fulfill various goals with their self-assembled teams.
  • Football-Stars – The Manager: Players assemble their own teams by buying players through the transfer market.
  • Football-Stars – The Manager: Each player is only available once per league.